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A Unique method to Stop Smoking


Is your will power or the products on the market not enough and you need to do something else?

Are you curious enough to try a final alternative which will make you achieve your goal?

If you are at that point where you think that “enough is enough” and want to change, then you need our life changing Stop Smoking Programme.

Using a combination of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching smokers find real freedom from cigarettes.

At Enlightenment we combine Hypnotherapy with three other  powerful techniques: NLP, Psycoherapy and Coaching.

Most clients coming to Enlightenment do so on the recommendation of family and friends.

Our Stop Smoking Programme is recommended by doctors, dentists and health care professionals because of its success.

Take a look at the TESTIMONIALS of happy non-smokers to see that it is possible to Stop Smoking easily at Enlightenment.

After our Stop Smoking Programme you will emerge from your hypnosis session convinced in body, mind and emotions that being a non-smoker is the best decision! Feeling sure and strong!

Take the chance to see the change with Enlightenment.

About our Unique and Effective Stop Smoking Programme:

First we will have a phone interview to assess your habit and motivation. Then we will send you some guidelines, a questionnaire and a Hypnosis CD to prepare you for your Stop Smoking session.

At the beginning of the Stop Smoking session we will speak about your smoking habits, the reason why you want to stop, and how you would like to see yourself. After this, Dr. Rosa Manso will combine Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy with NLP and Coaching. Her powerful and unique method has created positive changes in over eight thousand clients! The technique is entirely natural, safe and relaxing.

The Stop Smoking session is personalised especially for you and lasts approximately 2 hours. Sessions are private and confidential and take place in a relaxing atmosphere in a consulting room in central London.

Our effective Stop Smoking Programme has proven so successful that Enlightenment offers a completely one month free after-care service, which means that if you are one of the very few who requires additional support, we will offer you all the support that you need to achieve what you really want. Online support, phone support and if you feel is necessary we will reappoint you with another session within 1 month following the initial treatment session. All you need to do is phone the clinic and you will be fiven the first available appointment. Take a step forward today!

Our London clinic is based in the heart of London, with easy access from all London underground and bus routes. Please visit How to Find Us to plan your journey.

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Enlightenment, see the change. One of the best places to become a non-smoker.

You just need to relax and enjoy the experience!

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