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Dr. ROSA MANSO       MBBS,  M.Sc. Psy,  Dip. Hyp

Dr. Rosa Manso is a qualified medical Doctor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner trained by Richard Bandler -the co-creator of NLP, and John La Valle -president from the NLP society.

Combining Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy with NLP and Life Coaching is Dr. Manso's powerful method of changing behaviours and habits.

Dr. Manso is one of the best professionals in this field. She has been creating positive changes in over eight thousand clients since she started 10 years ago. She has been helping her clients to improve their lives, to feel more at ease, happier, in control, putting themselves back on track and recovering enthusiasm for life feeling more confident about themselves and what they can achieve. 
She can help you achieve your goal.

She will help you to get over phobias and fears, banish your bad habits and overcome difficult situations. You will be able to live the life you want.

Her medical background combined with an advanced knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and years of experience using her powerful technique as well as her kind personality make Dr. Manso a unique and amazing life changing person.

Dr. Rosa Manso works with individuals, groups and business centres in the UK and Spain. She has clinics in central London and Madrid.

The sessions are personalised especially for the client. They are confidential private sessions and take place in a relaxing atmosphere in a consulting room.

Whatever is holding you back to get the life you want, the time to change is now.

Don’t miss the opportunity to change your life for the better.

Enlightenment. See the change.