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"Thank you for your good help yesterday. Feeling good today and slightly strange, like I'm floating. Went to the shop after the session and saw a man buying cigarettes and felt sorry for him! And already feeling healthier. I have eaten more grapes in the last 5 hours than I have for the last year!"*

Elliot, 38, Stop Smoking.


"Having smoked on and off for 21 years, I haven't even thought about picking up another cigarette since I met Dr. Manso. Wonderful technique. A very good investment".*

 Paul, 52, Stop Smoking.


"2 years and counting Rosa! The best investment of my life, thank you!!".*

 P Graham, 32, Stop Smoking.


"The sessions have instilled motivation in me to not overeat, to not snack, to drink less and exercise more, I've lost nearly the 2 stones I wanted to lose as a result and feel so much better".*

 Catherine, 39, Weight Management.


"Since the sessions 7 months ago, I have lost 21 pounds and I'm still losing a steady 1lb per week. Thanks a lot for your help".*

 M Bridger, 29, Weight Management.


“I went to see Dr Manso, and also my brother and sister did as we all wanted to get healthier and lose some weight and we all did after her weight loss programme! It's a powerful technique and she is an amazing person. Rosa, thanks a lot for changing our life for good!!".*

 R, 24 D, 26 and E, 31, Weight Management.


"Dear Dr Rosa,
I thought I would just quickly send you my exceptional thanks for the help you have given me. Before I attended the session I felt trapped and unable to even comprehend taking myself off in the car - now I cannot stop driving everywhere. This has taught me valuable lessons and ones which I will take forward in my life. I cannot recommend enough the amazing work you have done and continue to do and have no hesitation in recommending you and your service.
With kind regards"*

Jason, 39, Fear of driving.


" I had a totally irrational fear of flying, and I couldn't travel to places I really wanted to know. But for the last year I have felt like literally a different person. Since I did hypnosis with you 11 months ago, I have flown twice and I wasn't afraid at all! I had never done hypnosis or hypnotherapy and was doubtful in all honesty. I feel much freer now that I have finally lost my fear. I don't know what you have done to me but you changed my life. Thanks a million".*

 S Davis, 41, Fear of Flying.


"I've tried sleeping pills, valium... but nothing worked. Your technique did work! My flight to Australia went fine and all subsequent flights have gone smoothly. Thanks so much again for my new-found freedom!".*

 Samantha, 28, Fear of Flying.


















*Results may vary from person to person